Tom tam web

Tom & Tam

Partners in more ways than one, Tom and Tam bring high level digital & performance marketing experience to, bringing real purpose and results to e-commerce product photography and cinematography. They know exactly what sells and what digital experience customers need to see with eCommerce sites.

Linda web

Linda Clements

Linda Clements gets it done. She is the team’s senior Producer and is across all aspects of the technology has developed for mass digital asset organisation - showcache.
Linda has also been with the team since inception and has ridden shotgun on over 50,000 productions. Yep. You read that right.

Nic web

Nic Rounsfell

Nic Rounsfell. Senior Photographer & Videographer. (Nick taught Brett how to take still photos!)
Nick has been in the business for over 20 years, specialising in product & craft photography. He has a long bow.

Brett web

Brett Clements

Brett Clements. Senior Photographer, Director & Cinematographer.

Andrew web

Andrew Gibson

Andrew Gibson is the complete POST production professional. A perfectionist when it comes to pixel perfect (or as close enough as humans can get to!).
Andrew is a senior broadcast online editor with close to three decades of experience in all aspects of the production chain. For, he supervises the image chain from creation to duplication and distribution. He has worked alongside senior DP Brett Clements for more than ten years and is a vital cog in the wheel.

Darren web

Darren Vassalo

Darren Vassalo. Photographer & Videographer. Camera Assistant. Gimbal & drone.